Saturday, December 27, 2008

Reuniting on the Farm

At the end of May we were able to spend over a week at our family reunion with Audrea's mom and dad and her brother, Jared, and his wife, Stephannie. It was such a wonderful time and at such a beautiful farm. Audrea's aunt and uncle who own the horse farm where I had my accident hosted the reunion.

It was great for our horse-loving girls (especially Savannah) because while we were there, at the farm around the corner, a foal was born and all the children were able to go and see it.

We were also able to spend some quality time with Jared and Stephannie. They currently live in the Phoenix area where Jared works at nuclear power plant. It's hard to be so far apart from these two...
One of the funny experiences was getting to see Audrea fire a gun for the first time in her life. I didn't get a decent picture of her actually firing it, but here she is getting the basics from her sharpshooter dad on how to hold and fire a shotgun. (For those of you interested, it was a 12-gauge.)


Bob Meredith said...

Paul, you are so funny. Sharpshooters do not use shotguns. They use rifles that can hit targets from a long distance. Shotguns are for mostly the rest of us who want to hit something fairly close and have little chance of missing.

Paul Fuller said...

You know, Bob, I should've thought about that when I wrote that! I'm completely familiar with what you're talking about, but I'll just blame the poor choice of words on the current sinus infection, little sleep, and any other scapegoat I can find! :) We actually did have the rifles out that day trying her dad's new target. It was made of iron and had multiple vertical discs that spun on the center pole. It was pretty sweet because you didn't have to go out to the target and set it back up or replace papers or whatever. The hilarious thing was, we didn't think it was working in the beginning, but when we walked out to it, we realized we had been hitting the center pole dead on!