Tuesday, April 24, 2007

My Roving, Distracting Passions

Where-e'er My Flatt'ring Passions Rove
by Issac Watts (1674-1748)

Where-e'er my flatt'ring Passions rove
I find a lurking snare;
'Tis dangerous to let loose our love
Beneath th'eternal fair.

Souls whom the tie of friendship binds,
And partners of our blood,
Seize a large portion of our minds,
And leave the less for God.

Nature has soft but powerful bands,
And reason she controls;
While children with their little hands
Hang closest to our souls.

Thoughtless they act th'old serpent's part;
What tempting things they be!
Lord, how they twine about our heart,
And draw it off from thee!

Dear Sovereign, break these fetters off,
And set our spirits free;
God in himself is bliss enough,
For we have all in Thee.

(Thank you to Dr. Bauder who brought this one to my attention in the latest issue of The Nick)

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