Sunday, May 06, 2007

Wait on the Lord

It's been a while since I updated everyone on our life. That really doesn't matter because there really hasn't been any change. Our house still hasn't sold and we're still waiting. Our original plan was that we would be moving this weekend, but now this weekend has come and gone. We had our second open house today and while a few people did come through, none were potential buyers. The competition is getting extremely intense around us and we may have to lower our price which means going in the red for us after all the moving expenses and home purchasing is through. Please pray that we'll have wisdom on this and that God will grant us the patience to wait on Him.

On a more positive note, we worshipped this morning at Eden Baptist in Savage, MN and then my exegesis teacher, Dr. Jon Pratt, and his wife had us over for dinner. They're family was kind to us and all of our girls loved their daughters right off the bat! Of course while my princess Sabrina wanted to watch "The Swan Princess", Savannah was torn with whether to play with Josh's Yoda Light Sabre or to watch the movie. Who needs a boy when you've got a girl like that!?

This week doesn't hold a lot in store for us. The big deal will be going to Central's graduation on Saturday and seeing my friends graduate. And then of course, Sunday--the big day for moms!

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Jim Peet said...


I'm sure the waiting is hard but soon you will be on your way!

God bless.

(Be sure to keep in touch with Dr Hauser. They are moving as soon as they sell their house!)