Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Difficult Days

The last week or so I have been pretty discouraged about many different things. I began wondering (not to the point of worrying, but the thought occurred to me a couple times...) whether in all of the situations in my life right now whether I may not even get accepted to Southern.
Today, I got the following voice mail that shed more light on the situations: Voice Mail


Jim Peet said...

Congrats on your acceptance. Was there really any doubt?! Before you know it, your house will be sold and you will be on your way!


Tony Kummer said...

Great news and welcome. The guy on your voice mail "Toby" is a great guy. If you have any discouragements he is a great one to talk with.

Do you know what degree you are seeking yet?

Paul Fuller said...

Thanks, Tony! I'll be pursuing the M.Div with the Counseling focus. My passions really lie in the area of discipleship.

I met Toby when we visited campus and then also ran into him at 9th and O.

Terry Lange said...

Found your blog via Jim Peet's blog. Just curious as to why you are leaving Central?