Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Daddy, does Kentucky have... ?

Ever since we told Savannah that we are moving to Kentucky, she has been asking some brilliant questions. In our homeschooling curriculum we use, she frequently studies other cultures and learns about how and what they worship. It is not atypical for her to ask us about what kind of idols certain countries use.

So the other day did not take us by surprise but instead we saw it as truly insightful when she asked us, "In Kentucky, Daddy, do they worship different idols or gods?" I love those kind of moments of life! The truly funny all mixed up with moments to bring the gospel to bear. So we were able to talk about how people all have idols and even in America we have idols that may or may not be visible.

The funniest moment, though, was when we first told her about the move, she asked us, "Daddy, do they speak a different language in Kentucky?" I had to laugh because I wanted so bad to say, "Yes, love, they do!"

I'm going to tread the waters of political-incorrectness here (like that's unusual for me!) and probably offend somebody. But I submit to the readers (all two of you, including my wife) a question: Is this man below a native of Kentucky?

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Jim Peet said...

That's the hillbilly from "Deliverance"!