Friday, April 06, 2007

Update on home and job

Just an update on our life...

On Sunday (the 1st) we had an open house. We've never heard of anyone selling their house based off an open house, but our realtor said he has had some success in the past. He ended up having 3 different visitors come through and the last was very excited about it. Our realtor told them they should have their realtor schedule a showing so they could walk through it with him. Then on Monday they did schedule a follow-up showing but since that showing we have not heard from them. But, even as I was typing this post, I got a call for a showing this afternoon. So the good thing is that there is a lot of traffic on it, but so far nothing more than that.

On Wednesday I found out that due to some major changes going on at the company I work for in Green Bay, they are not 100% sure that they will have work for me when I get to KY. We are pursuing several customers that I could potentially work for. Please pray that Skyline will be able to line up a good assignment for me so that they can retain me as an employee. This was not entirely a surprise to me, but still put me off balance for a little bit. The Holy Spirit reminded me that morning that everything is in His hands and that I need to trust Him to provide for my every need.

This afternoon we're heading over to Wisconsin to spend Easter with Audrea's parents. This will be our first time in 10 years to celebrate Easter someplace other than our home church. It's kind of sad, but will be relaxing since I am not in charge of coordinating a slew of special music and order of worship nor preparing a message--it'll be Sunday worship with the Body without all the pressure!

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