Friday, May 02, 2008

House Update

We've nailed down the purchase agreement on our home! Our prayers were answered in two major ways:

  • Repair Requests: The furnace passed inspection and is safe and working! The breaker box had open slots to fix the existing double tapping on two circuits. The work that they have asked us to perform is minor safety things and we have agreed to get those done.
  • Finances to pay for the closing: God has blessed us with three major donors that have contributed to help us cover the short sale! The first two gave us large donations that will cover the majority of the costs. The third individual has promised to give us an interest-free loan to cover whatever remaining balance is due at the closing. We will likely have to take advantage of that loan offer, but we are praising God for that.

The scheduled closing date is June 13th. What an amazing God we serve who answers prayer and provides for our every need!


Jim Peet said...

Glad this is progressing for you. I had never heard of double tapping.


rickaren said...

yay!! so exciting! glad that God is taking care of y'all so well! i don't see you on facebook very often. but, of course, i'm on there all the time. . . no life. . .

jillybean said...

Great answers to prayer! I know you guys have been waiting a long time!