Saturday, May 03, 2008

A Bright Spot Is Gone

As many bad things as I have said in the past about Danville, there are many, many more good things that I should have been saying. On Thursday, Danville lost one of those bright spots that really "put it on the map."

Mary Coffman was brilliant and extremely talented and had the credentials to prove it. I remember having a conversation with one of my friends from high school once after we had gone off to college. In that conversation, he berated DACC as being a place for losers and full of unprofessional and sub-educated teachers. Besides being rather offended since I was one of those so-called losers, I was amazed he would say that in light of people like Mary Coffman. As you can read from the credentials in her obituary, she was no sluff. Fulbright scholars who earn their master's from the U of I and then study at Oxford, are not dull individuals!

Mary was "Mrs. Coffman" to me. I had her for both of my writing classes at DACC. Unlike most of the members of my class, I really enjoyed learning under her tutelage. But I will most remember Mary from my Introduction to Film class. Mary opened my eyes to the art of cinematography like I had never seen before. She was so passionate about teaching and life!

We'll be praying for you Mr. Coffman and Elizabeth that God would minister much grace to you through this very difficult time.

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CURB said...

mary had by far the largest impact on me during my time at DACC. i took her film class (which enhanced my love of film ten fold) and she was my journalism prof as well. sad to see her go but her influence will live on as long as i do.