Friday, June 22, 2007

No Baby Yet

As you may notice, the graphic above indicates there is 1 day to go before the technical due-date. However, we have learned from 3 other children, that those dates are hooey. It can be that day plus or minus 2 weeks or more!
That being said, this week Audrea has been going through what I would call "slow labor." In our naïve days pre-Savannah, we would have rushed to the hospital probably 10 times! Some would call it "false labor" but Audrea will tell you, there is nothing "false" about it! The soreness, the lack of sleep, the light-headedness, the irregular contractions, and overall major discomfort indicate that baby's journey to the outside has started but is taking its sweet-but-not-so-sweet-for-Audrea time.
So life goes on and we learn to be patient and wait on God's timing. He's been teaching us that lesson a lot these days since we're still sitting here in Maple Grove with a house to sell! ... We'll keep you posted though as to when this baby comes along!

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