Thursday, January 22, 2009

Horse-Riding Lessons

Savannah has talked about taking horse-riding lessons for a couple years. It used to be that she would ask us to buy a horse. We told her how much work it was and how fast the poop accumulated, but that usually didn't deter her. Eventually we said, "Well, how 'bout lessons, instead, someday?" Our mistake. From that point on, she had talked about lessons. This Christmas, her favorite gift was a certificate for horse-riding lessons. According to her, "It's the best gift I've ever gotten."
There is a horse riding club right here in town, just 5 minutes away from our house that we take her to. You'll notice in the picture that she has her coat on and looks bundled up. The lessons occur in a large barn but the barn is not really heated. She loves it all the same, though.
(It isn't extremely bright in there, so you'll have to excuse the graininess of the pictures.) When I took her for one of the lessons, I was kind of nervous, considering my horse-riding accident last spring. Watching her go around the fence without any help slowly built up my confidence in her.
Meanwhile, she goes on loving horses and still talking about a career centered around horses.


Jim Peet said...

Come on ... you can buy her a horse!

rickaren said...

That is so cute!

Rob Miller said...

Reading that, I was thinking, wasn't Paul the one who turned a horse ride into a life & death situation, and then you linked to the old(ish) story. Very cool gift/parents! :)

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