Monday, July 28, 2008

My Funny Wife

There are so many things about Audrea that I love. One of them is her quick wit and sometimes all out silliness. Last night she said something that had us in tears...

I try to pretend that I'm somewhat of a coffee connosieur. I don't like to settle for your regular, run-of-the-mill coffees. The problem is--I honestly don't have a trained palate that can distinguish the nuances between fine coffees. Oh, I can usually tell if I'm drinking the good stuff, but I couldn't tell you the particular differences other than dark and bold versus light and mild.

So last night, Audrea and I were feeling pretty exhausted and goofing off looking at Facebook. She gets up to go put her empty coffee cup in the sink, and I tell her, "You know, these beans I bought today are from Mexico." And she replies, "Oh yeah, you can just taste the chihuahua."


Audrea said...

No, see, that was only funny because we were half dead from exhaustion! When you laugh until you're crying about THAT, it should be a clue you're REALLY sleepy--because I don't think it makes any sense this morning! :) (Which was why it was so funny at the time and still makes me smile? hmm...oh well. That's why we're a good pair--we're easily entertained. Take riding the escalator we really enjoyed last week...)

rickaren said...

i would agree with audrea-- that's not all that funny. maybe you guys need a nap.