Monday, April 21, 2008

God Is Answering Your Prayers!

We have an accepted offer on our home in Maple Grove! Though the amount is far less than we started out a year ago, the completion of this sale would get this major burden off of our backs. The buyer appears to be very solid financially (putting 20% down), but the sale is contingent on the closing of their existing property on June 13th. In addition, full completion of the purchase offer is contingent on the inspection which may occur as early as tomorrow.

Please pray for the following specific requests:
  • The inspection would not turn up any surprises that would cause the buyer to want to back out. (We've been extremely clear in our Seller's Disclosure about any flaws we could think of, so the only thing that could come up would be surprises to us.)
  • The buyer would not come back with any improvement requests which would require us to shell out even more cash.
  • For our sake and the buyer's, that the closing on the sale of the buyer's existing property would go through without a hitch.
  • Finally, that we would continue to be able to be good examples of Christ-centered living to our realtor who has already had customers in the past try, very rudely, to convert him from his Judaism to Christianity.

Thank you for asking for God's providential care to continue in our lives.


rickaren said...

very cool! PTW!! (praise the Maker) we'll definitely pray in that direction. we're going to DC this weekend!! city on friday, cubs game on saturday, home on sunday!! fun fuN!!

Jim Peet said...


Praying for you that this house deal will go through. I know this has been a huge strain financially and emotionally! Your faithfulness in trusting God through this is a testimony.

God bless!