Sunday, September 28, 2008

Keep Praying...

Following up on my post this morning about what-does-my-eschatology-matter-for... My mom called me this afternoon crying and told me that Rhett had a seizure today and was taken in an ambulance to the hospital. My mom isn't one to cry at the drop of a hat and was clearly shaken. She headed up to Chicago to watch the children. We don't know any more information at this point. However, this is where the rubber meets the road in the life of faith. Will you believe along with me that this is a reminder of the effect of the Curse on us and that on the Cross, the reversal of the Curse was secured. However, while it was secured, it was not completed. Christ promised us that in these last days we would experience great tribulations. Yet, as John Piper wrote about a few days ago, there is purpose in it all: Suffering is meant to teach us about repentance (as "a call for us and others to turn from treasuring anything on earth above God"), reliance (as "a call to trust God not the life-sustaining props of the world"), righteousness (as "the discipline of our loving heavenly Father so that we come to share his holiness"), reward (as "working for us a great reward in heaven that will make up for every loss here a thousand-fold"), and reminder (to remind "us that God sent his Son into the world to suffer so that our suffering would not be God's condemnation but his purification").

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