Friday, October 03, 2008

Tomorrow Rhett gets to come home!

Today I received the following update from Amanda:

Today was pretty uneventful. That is good news in the Fuller family! My Dad went with me to the hospital in case Rhett could come home today, but when we got there they decided to go ahead and do the 24 hour EEG at the hospital so when he is done with that test he gets to come home! They will read the test and give the results to my pediatrician, who I will see on Monday. He had only one culture grow something back that was abnormal, but since it was from the blood draw at Silver Cross they redid it and the second time it came back normal. Whether or not he had an infection, I do not know. Either way he was treated with the antibiotics and now he is testing fine. They pulled his I.V. today, which thrilled me. I was so happy to see him with nothing stuck in his body. He looked better today then yesterday and today he didn't shake at all. We are so happy that everything is seeming to be better and all right, just pray with us that the shaking stays at a minimum and does not gradually get worse. That is what I will look for in Rhett. If the shaking starts to get worse and worse I think I will take him to the dr. before it gets bad enough to go into a seizure again. That was probably my mistake last Saturday. When I saw the shaking get worse, I should have called right away, but instead I just thought I would call the dr. on Monday. I never realized that it would lead to a seizure. Another test that is still pending is the PKU tests. That is another test that would result in a diet change for Rhett if it came back positive. We are praying that comes back soon so we can have an answer and not wonder about why it was abnormal. Connie thinks this could all have resulted from my being strep B positive the last 2 pregnancies and not this time. Strep B does not hurt the mom but can cause serious problems to a newborn if the mom isn't treated with antibiotics before she delivers. I was not treated this time and the neonatologists at the other hospital said that this was their top suspicion as to why Rhett had symptoms of infection. I'm not sure why they could not just test him for strep B. I hope if that is the case that it is out of his system and we are done with this 2 week chapter in his life. Please continue to pray that everything goes well as we bring him home and that God will give us a peace about Rhett and that I won't be the "nervous, new mom" the neurologist implied I was. Thanks again for the kind emails, sweet phone calls, and cards. I thank God I have such a good family and friends!! Love, Amanda

I praise the Lord for my mom (shown in the picture here with Rhett) and all the sacrifices she has made for all of us kids.

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Anonymous said...

Wow, Paul...I am so glad he is doing okay! I am really surprised the doctor did not do the antibiotics being your SIL was strep B positive with the other pregnancies. I was strep B with this pregnancy and so did ALOT of reading about this and from what I read if you test positive in one pregnancy, they are supossed to just always give you antibiotics in future ones because you are always a carrier from what I read. Sometimes you MAY test negative but you could still test positive even a month later as the bacteria fluctuates. Keep us posted...I will continue to pray for a complete healing of Rhett!

~Kim S (RBC)