Friday, March 30, 2007

Food for thought...

On my drive to and from work I’m listening to a series on anger put out by CCEF. Bible teacher and broadcaster, Steve Brown, said this in the message I was listening to today:

There is a direct correlation between our proclivity to wear masks and God’s proclivity to rip them off.

He argues that the greatest danger to the Christian life is not a lack of commitment, but rather the fact that it is so easy to fake it. In light of the many fallen that I have seen in my life, and in light of the reality that it is so easy to have a beautiful pharisaic aura about me, I agree. Ask my wife—I am a lazy, selfish, discontent, materialistic, angry idolater. I can’t do this on my own. My best attempts are but filthy rags.

Brown’s point is this: the best thing we can do for the sake of the name of Christ is not to put up a façade of piety, but to confess our sins even to the world. When the reality of the need for our forgiveness is evident then the grace of God can be put on display and thus He will be glorified.

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